Analisis Keamanan Jaringan LAN berdasarkan Log Data CCR (Cloud Core Router) pada Laboratorium SMK Telkom Jakarta


  • nur hafifah Akademi Teknik Telekomunikasi Sandhy Putra Jakarta


Network Security, LAN (Local Area Network)


The bigger a network, the network management becomes more complex and complicated. Therefore it is necessary to have proper network management. Seeing the development of LAN (Local Area Network) networks as one of the computer network technologies, SMK Telkom Jakarta should implement network security to streamline the process of sending data safely and on target by utilizing available resources so that they can work together as much as possible. To be able to find out the weaknesses and strengths of the application of existing computer network security and its capabilities can be improved for a wider purpose, and can minimize problems that will occur in the future so that they can be repaired immediately. And to help improve the security performance of the Local Area Network (LAN) network at SMK Telkom Jakarta. In the final project research at the SMK Telkom Jakarta Laboratory by conducting a Network Security Analysis of the Local Area Network (LAN) by contacting the network admin then we read the CCR (Cloud Core Router) mikrotik log data which includes the system and then provide log data which will be analyzed later. during the period 1-4 September 2020. In the results of network analysis at the SMK Telkom Jakarta laboratory, it is quite safe because the proxy version is always checked if there is a new encryption, security or bugfix update. And the incident that often happens is PPTP Error with a percentage of 17.91% through the message user authentication failed where the meaning of this message is a warning as admin, some try to enter the proxy but it doesn't work.